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Shikhar Group Chairman

To some inspiration is not a revelation but a process. One that is a constant companion when benchmarks have to be created and strides made longer. Within these pages lies an example of a man whose drew inspiration from a philosophy that believed in taking that one extra step. The founder of Shikhar Group, Mr. Manoj Joshi, an electrical engineer, chartered a distinguished and inimitable career, reflected in the establishment of Uttarakhand’s largest real estate empire. The foundation of those dreams that has nurtured silently over the past years, working in the backdrop, knitting the fabric of a larger picture. One on a different plane where practices and purposes both have changed but the philosophy remains the same, to polish to perfection what we have and constantly embark on voyages to discover what we don’t.

Mr. Manoj Joshi
Chairman, Shikhar Group

Chairman’s Message

“We are receptive to change and forever open to new and innovative ideas. This combined with dedication makes us supreme in hospitality. Aspiring upwards, Shikhar group has plans to launch a mushroom of homes, hotels and other ventures that capture in essence the complete flavor of nature at its best. After extensive research, specific locations have been selected for their unique natural beauty. Our values help us strive for excellence in each sector and carve a niche for ourselves. For us it is neither an art nor a science; it’s the belief of constantly striving to create a little better from even the best.”