For those seeking solace, come to Nirvana at Sunny Lake

The pace of life is such that one seeks relaxation for mind, body and soul. Taking a short trip every now and then seems like a great idea to rejuvenate oneself. But have you ever wondered about a house of your own in the lap of nature? Sure, you have dreamt about it but here […] Read More »

The first gated complex in Bhimtal – Goludhar by Shikhar Group

Bhimtal is a small town in Nainital and is popularly known for its lake. This destination is frequently visited by tourists from all parts of India. The fact that Bhimtal has a pleasant weather throughout the year makes it an ideal destination for holiday homes in Nainital. With its close proximity to Delhi-NCR also has […] Read More »

The Etheria – Luxurious villas in Dhanachuli

Having a luxurious home is one thing, having a luxurious home in the hills is altogether a different experience. In case you’re wondering that it is a difficult job to find a beautiful, luxurious apartment in hills with a natural grandeur, then you’re wrong. Shikhar Group of Holiday Homes have just the right kind of […] Read More »

Pine Greens – Apartments in Bhimtal

Leading a simple life means striking a balance between everything. It is not as difficult as it sounds, it just needs a clear mind and fresh perspective towards life. In order to make it work, you need a quiet place and if that place is your home, well, nothing like that. Homes in hills offer […] Read More »

Second Home Investment on your mind? Do your Homework too!

An incredible growth has been seen in the demand for second homes. Widely meant as an option for long-term investment, second homes have become quite a rage. There are many reasons for people to buy second propertyin other destinations, investment being one of those. But before you jump on any conclusions, it is important to […] Read More »

Moving to a pollution-free city has become a necessity, not luxury

Delhi’s pollution level raised red flags all over the city, taking a heavy toll on people’s health. The Air Quality Index crossed all limits surpassing the ‘hazardous’ category. Supposedly it became the most polluted cities in the world among others. Breaking all barriers, Delhi still continues to maintain its identity as the gas chamber, making […] Read More »

Modern Holiday Homes with Nature’s Backdrop

We all like to have a home that defines our style, because that is one place we call our own. Whether it’s the architecture, décor, furnishings or art pieces, everything needs to be well-put. In a similar way, Shikhar Group in Nainital, understands what a home means to you. There projects are built keeping just […] Read More »

Find the most exquisite holiday home in Nainital

Picture this: Crisp sun rays falling on you and cool breeze flowing through your hair, as you welcome a new day. Does it sound like a perfect morning? What if we tell you this is actually possible? In a location, as pristine as Nainital, you can find a home nestled in nature’s glory. Shikhar Group’s […] Read More »

Vacation homes not just a status symbol

Having a second home or vacation home in hills is traditionally considered a status symbol. It is often seen as an asset affordable only by the elite class. But over a period of time, the concept of vacation homes has evolved and the biggest reason that they have become popular is because of the experience […] Read More »