How to enjoy your Holiday Home in the hills?

Aspiration for owning a holiday home/ second home is no longer a thing of the ultra-rich. With the rising income levels these days, even the middle class is aspiring to own one. This article will focus on how to spend time and enjoy that dream property. Let us take a case of a typical day at your dream abode.
7:30 AM
WakieWakie ! Say good morning to nature. Fill your lungs with fresh air enjoying a cup of tea sitting in your balcony. Get energised to spend a quality day ahead. Go for a morning walk feeling the dew on your face. You may also want to do Yoga or meditate for a while.
9:00 AM
Start with an unhealthy breakfast. Spoil yourself with those desi ghee parathas and chholebhature. It is a fact that your digestive system works much better on the hills, so all those calories will vanish away into thin air.
If you’re a plant lover, the climate is just perfect for growing a variety of vegetation. Maintain a kitchen garden or simply water those exotic flowers and fruit trees.
Go for a swim in a nearby river or your pool.
11:00 AM
Assist your spouse in cooking a good lunch. If you’re a wine lover, put it to chill since dine and wine make a perfect combo. Keep changing the position of your dining table from the dining area to the front lawn to the terrace for your entire stay. Grab that latest bestseller and start reading sitting in your cozy lawn chair.
1:30 PM
Enjoy a sumptuous lunch with your family. Insist on everyone in the family to sit together. Share stories, jokes and riddles. Do stuff that you don’t find the time to do otherwise. Listen to your kids tell their fancy tales at school. Or listen to your parents share their life experiences.
3:00 PM
Take a power nap.
5:00 PM
Take your car out and head for the nearest tourist spot. A lake may be, or someplace with some outdoor activity. Play with your kids. Don’t hold yourself back from trying the unhygienic street food. A paanipuri or chaat. Remember you’re on a holiday and there should no restrictions. Shop for local conveniences and then head back.
7:30 PM
Prepare a barbeque party in your lawn. Invite neighbours who’ve also come down for their vacation. Prepare a playlist of your favourite music. Put those beers to chill. Set up a temporary bar. Light a bonfire if it’s too cold. Get ready for a fun filled evening. Cheers!
10:30 PM
Kiss your kids good night. Let them be at their own. Let them play with their playstations and Nintendos. Ask your spouse to select a DVD from your favourite ones. Get cozy in the bed and watch your favourite movie together till your eyes droop to sleep.
7:30 AM
Wake up to a new morning. Trekking, Rock Climbing, cycling or some other excursion on your agenda for today !

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