Moving to a pollution-free city has become a necessity, not luxury

Delhi’s pollution level raised red flags all over the city, taking a heavy toll on people’s health. The Air Quality Index crossed all limits surpassing the ‘hazardous’ category. Supposedly it became the most polluted cities in the world among others. Breaking all barriers, Delhi still continues to maintain its identity as the gas chamber, making it tough for people to survive.

Even after using masks, people are suffering from various respiratory problems. Delhi air is filled with pollutants with the Air Quality Index around 490, which raises a concern. In such a scenario, what does one do if not move to another city? Many people have actually considered this seriously and moved with their families to different cities, also termed as ‘Pollution Migrants’.

It may not appear as a feasible option at first, but given the long term benefits, a home in hills is a great choice. For example, buying a cottage in Nainital would give you the atmosphere apt for a healthy living. Fresh air, clean environment, greenery and natural light – all makes Nainital a perfect destination. Given the popularity and demand, many townships and residential projects have developed over the past few years.

Shikhar Group in Nainital has developed several projects as per the requirements of every individual. Whether you are on a budget or want to buy a villa in Nainital, they have everything under the sun to suit your needs.

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