The Etheria – Luxurious villas in Dhanachuli

Having a luxurious home is one thing, having a luxurious home in the hills is altogether a different experience. In case you’re wondering that it is a difficult job to find a beautiful, luxurious apartment in hills with a natural grandeur, then you’re wrong. Shikhar Group of Holiday Homes have just the right kind of property for you. A beautiful blend of scenic beauty and luxurious amenities, Shikhar Group’s Etheria is nothing less than a dream. The gated community comprises of 28 stunning villas, each facing the picturesque Himalayas. You will have the best view from the best home.Located in breathtakingly beautiful Dhanachuli, Etheria is surrounded with nature’s beauty. It has the Himalayan peaks in front and the valley at the back. You can also discover the natural lakes and water rushing down the mighty Himalayas so as to give you a profound experience close to nature. It is not just another holiday home in Uttarakhand, but a living dream that gives you an experience no other home can. The villas are built on an altitude of 7200 feet which gives a magnificent view of snow-capped peaks. All the 28 villas have 3 BHK located on the Dhanachuli-M Road. From every corner of the house, you can find the essence of nature around you. It is an amazing experience to explore the beauty of hills through this amazing property in Uttarakhand. Shikhar Group has developed one of the finest villas in Dhanachuli that truly speaks of luxury in its pure sense.

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