Things to know before buying a home in Nainital

You may be tempted to buy a property in Nainital but before making a purchase you must take some time out to consider a few things that are beyond the view, landscape and clean environment. Of course Nainital is a beautiful location for a home but you don’t want to make any decision in haste to regret later. So here are few steps that might help you narrow down the important aspects of owning a property in Nainital.

• For residents living outside Uttarakhand are allowed to buy a land up to 300 sq. yards which is roughly 2700 sq. feet. The government does not impose any restrictions on buying an apartment or cottage in Nainital. Many people want to own a property either for holiday homes or settling down.

• Doing your homework on different regions is an important exercise. The property type, price graph, overall performance of the area are some of the basic things you need to know before you decide on buying a villa, apartment or certain type of property.

• The proposed property must be in close proximity to basic amenities as it plays a key role. Whether you are looking for a holiday home or a permanent residence, finding the right location is as important as the size or type of property you’re looking for.

• Facilities such as water supply, power supply and backup, security, tranquillity and of course the splendid view that the valleys of Nainital offer are essential for an apartment. It is suggested to buy homes that are close to grocery stores, hospitals and educational institutions if you want to stay their permanently. This also depends on your family requirements.

• To avoid any hassles later, make sure to keep all the documents in place beforehand. The paper work includestitle deed, sale agreement, and encumbrance certificate among other necessary documents. It is better to have an experienced real estate lawyer to go through the documents so that everything is in accordance with legal requirements.

Emphasising on developing the structure or real estate in hills of Nainital is a result of substantial rise of holiday homes. The development is sure to grow going forward as people are embracing the idea of holiday homes – as per their requirement of villas, apartments or cottages in Nainital.

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